Become a Partner of ICHM-SK

Steps (over 18 months)

  1. Find an opportunity to share the vision with your congregation’s decision-makers.   
  2. Attend an Information Forum with your Clergy and Working Group/Health Cabinet 
  3. Actively recruit a nurse; prepare to move into an ICHM training program

Is Your Congregation Ready?

  • Does your congregation have a vision of itself as a health and healing place?
  • Does the congregation demonstrates creativity and patience?
  • Is the pastor/priest prepared to play a leading role?
  • Is there excitement, a spirit of adventure and a willingness to risk?
Class of 2016

The Parish Nursing Class of 2016 graduation, in Saskatoon

ICHM-SK offers training and education for members of the parish/congregation/agency and for the parish nurses. It also offers ongoing continuing ed for the nurses.

Benefits of Partnership

ICHM will provide Partner Congregations with the following:

  • Basic training course for Parish Nurses, endorsed by the International Parish Nurse Resource Centre, presented in three levels (Parish Nurses, Clergy, and Members of Health Cabinets)
  • Regular regional parish nurse meetings for sharing, spiritual support, and ongoing education
  • On-site visit with Parish Nurses, Health Cabinets, Clergy, and congregations on an as-needed basis
  • Joint Health Cabinet meetings and regional workshops
  • Access to resources
  • Evaluation of ministries and programs (upon request)
  • Advocacy for Parish Nurses regarding their status within the leadership of the congregation
  • Provision of presentations, workshops, and consultation upon request
  • A subscription to The Pulse Newsletter
  • Representation and/or presentation at Partner-sponsored events

Partner Congregations shall remit an annual Partnership fee of $600* to help cover the costs of the support services that ICHM-SK provides.

*This fee covers all costs with the exception of the Parish Nurse Retreat and the costs for textbooks and materials in the Parish Nurse education program.