Parish Nursing

What is a Parish Nurse?

We are wounded healers called to love and care for a broken, wounded world serving a wounded Lord. —Blenos Pedersen


A parish nurse is a registered nurse with specialized knowledge who is called to ministry and affirmed by a faith community to promote health, healing and wholeness.


The parish nurse functions as a catalyst and facilitator of health ministry, which belongs to the congregation and is designed to meet its needs and the needs of the community it serves.

  • Experienced Registered Nurse
  • Excellent assessment skills
  • Current license to practice (provincial registration)
  • Mature faith
  • Independent practitioner
  • Compliance with standards of practice

  • There is a need for educational preparation beyond the basic education of the RN
  • This education incorporates theological and community development concepts
  • In ICHM’s model, education includes clergy and congregational members as well as the nurse
ICHM Education Program
  • Unique Congregational Development model
  • Available to Partner Congregations of ICHM
  • Parishioners / Health Committee Members and Clergy can attend class with or without a Parish Nurse Candidate
  • Three levels, presented on weekends over 26 months
  • 100% attendance at class is a requirement to receive certificate of completion
  • Participants may take up to six years to complete the program
  • Different criteria for completion of the program for (a) Parish Nurse candidates, (b) parishioners and (c) clergy
Steps to Becoming an ICHM Parish Nurse
  1. Partner with a congregation
  2. Application process: Faith Statement, Call to Parish Nursing Ministry, Educational Background, Current License to Practice, Clergy Reference
  3. Practicum of six months (100 hours) following each of Levels 1 and 2 classroom content
  4. Assigned Mentor and Parish Nurse Support Group

The Parish Nurse in the Congregation

  • Member of Interdisciplinary Team
  • A collaborative relationship between clergy and parish nurse is critical to success
  • Ministry is affirmed by the faith community in a formal service of commissioning, which should also include the Health Committee / Cabinet
  • Usually reports directly to church council
  • ICHM recommends that this be a paid ministry
Class of 2016

The Parish Nursing Class of 2016 graduation, in Saskatoon