Calling a Parish Nurse

Steps to Parish Nursing

A Guide for Congregations

Phase 1
  • Individual (or group) in a local congregation gathers information. Learn about the concept through people, books, workshops, videos, Information Forums.
  • Make initial contact with congregation's Clergy
  • Develop strategies to move forward. Explain the idea at services or group meetings. 
  • Write an article in church newsletter. Call a meeting of interested persons and use some resources ICHM can provide. Find an opportunity to share the vision with the congregational decision makers.
Phase II
  • Establish support of the Clergy in their congregation
  • Initiate and establish a more formal group
  • Explore ways to communicate this concept in the broader congregation
  • Become recognized by the decision making process in their congregation
  • Make contact with InterChurch Health Ministries
  • Attend an Information Forum with your Clergy and Working Group/Health Cabinet
Phase III
  • Continued support of Clergy
  • Involvement approved by their congregational Health Cabinet
  • Broad congregational support is established
  • Completion of the congregational profile
  • Actively recruit a nurse with a prepared job description
  • Prepare to proceed with partnership agreement
  • Prepare to move into ICHM basic parish nurse education program